Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

So, for Halloween this year, I had double fun...   First, my friend and I hit the downtown streets to participate in Zombicon.  A world record was attempted to see how many zombies could show up in one place.  About 20,000 showed up.  As a "dead artist zombie", I got lots of comments with the paintbrushes in my hair and the canvas over my arm.  Everyone who attended had some sad story about how they had died.  My story was that I had inhaled too much lead based paint... a slow and painful death for an artist.

For Halloween with the girls, however, I adorned a purple wig and gold sparkling boots.  I had tried to channel Kate Pierson of the B52's, but there was no beehive wig available in Fort Myers.  I ended up being identified as some other Kate rock star girl that I don't know.  Oh well.... I do like purple.

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