Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Blooming Surprise for Me!

I'm so happy to have my artwork selected to be part of the gallery for Flora Bowley's Bloom True class!

I had been admiring all of the other students' artwork as each page of the gallery was announced.  So far, there are five pages posted.  Every time I have received an announcement to check out the gallery, I have marveled at all of the very different interpretations that came from one class.  While the basic teachings are clear to me (drippy, no fear, lots of colors, etc.), each painting definitely has the signature style of each student.  So, imagine my surprise as I was scrolling down and saw my painting!  Maybe they just needed filler.....  but I'm totally thrilled and excited anyway!

My painting is the fifth one down on the list in Gallery # 5.  Hmmmmm.... I do really like prime numbers....  Check out all of the galleries as well as the entire site.  It's all incredibly inspiring and is a feast for the eyes.

Here's the link:

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