Thursday, September 8, 2011

Panther Day at Middle School

My oldest daughter, Sarah, has just entered middle school.  She is, of course, at the local middle school for the ARTS.  Knowing what I know about the developmental challenges, the sexually loaded content of middle schools as well as the rigorous curriculum, I was pretty nervous about her starting middle school.  But, I very clearly remember that moment when Sarah took off on her tricycle for the first time on Braman Avenue's sidewalk.  I was nervous then, too.... and she never looked back until she was almost a block away.  So, in typical Sarah style, she has cleverly navigated the first three weeks of middle school with all of the enthusiasm, smarts and confidence that she did when she peddled down the sidewalk for the first time.  That's my girl!

Well, this photo isn't my girl... but she and I totally dig her hair.  I found this on pintrest and stole it so we could copy it.  Tomorrow, Sarah will experience her first "Panther Pride Day".  This is a wonderful day of celebration for the students to show their school spirit.  I am THRILLED that the colors of the school are PURPLE and white.  So, the dress code will slide a bit to the side and the students will adorn themselves with PURPLE stuff.  Sarah's long blonde hair will be integrated into our artistic endeavors tomorrow morning.  I wonder what the best way to do this would be???

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