Friday, September 9, 2011

Purple Panther Pride!

SURPRISE!  I never get a fever.... but I did last night and it totally wiped me out.   So, we abandoned the plan to work on dying Sarah's hair for Panther Pride day.  Next time....   But, we did have some fun assembling the outfit and playing with the purple strips of human hair I found at Sally's.  She was purple from head to toe when she left for school today.  We are all wearing purple today in honor of school spirit day.  I hope other kids dressed up too.  Now, there are purple feathers everywhere.......

 Yes, that really is a crocheted flower tied to her flip flops.  I made them this
morning while nursing my sick self.

 Typical Sarah.... after getting dressed, the first thing she did was dance around in her own awesomeness and ring her cowbell a lot (which I squelched due to my headache) and ride up and down our street on her rip stick waving her purple boa around triumphantly.  She's definitely circus material.
 Super cool purple human hair attachments.  I'm totally gonna borrow these....

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