Monday, October 3, 2011

In the midst of living life.....  trying to sort out relationships, juggle career commitments, love on the children, dig my way out from  under laundry, manage a crazy allergy attack, and other day to day things....  we have been blessed by a mystery. We have two female rabbits.  Yes, they really are females.  We've had these rabbits as members of the family for about two years now.  And, we have now got three new family members.  How?  I have no idea.  I called our friend and bunny whisperer, Tommy, and made joking accusations about him sneaking a male bunny into our hutch but he denies it all.  He has pointed his finger at our unsuspecting nanny who "may have this sort of criminal mind".  Honestly, we are stumped... but thrilled.  This little surprise has really softened me around the edges.  These tiny little critters have grounded me this week and I'm thankful for that. And, I am amazed at the wonder of nature and how those tiny little ears are so perfect... just like when my own babies were born.  It's all good..... a mystery.... but definitely all good.

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