Sunday, October 9, 2011

So, we had a lot of unexpected fun at Art Walk this past Friday. I thought we'd take the usual gallery walk up and down First Street, see everyone in town and find adventures along the way. But, as it turns out, we camped out at the Sidney and Berne Davis Arts Center and never left. My groom served as host to his students' one act play... twice.... and there were three fashion shows. The girls were long and thin walking on seemingly longer and thinner heels. Beautiful ball gowns started things off and then wearable arts ensembles and painted fabric (in day glow with blacklights) followed. It was all mighty impressive for our little town. But, the real show started after the tall beauties left the stage. The short beauties (about twelve kids) who had watched admiringly in the audience took over the runway and danced and put their own spin on runway modeling to Lady GaGa and Michael Jackson tunes. I realized at that moment that what our backyard needed was simply a long runway and a set of really good backyard speakers.

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