Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today, I was running a few errands before I had to go to work. I hadn't noticed that the flowers are really blooming beautifully here in Fort Myers and the weather was cool and people seemed to be happy today until after my encounter.

I finished my shopping and walked into the parking lot. I saw this beautiful pink Volkswagen and as sickeningly pink as it was, it put a definite lift in my mood. It really pleased me to know someone felt good enough and happy enough to drive around in this screaming pink bag every day. No matter what their mood was, no matter how they felt, no matter if they were sick or well, they were driving around in this jewel. That takes confidence and it made me feel happy for that person. I had to leave to make an appointment so I didn't get to stick around to find out who drove it. But, whoever it is I bet their little world is alright.  Art is life.


  1. I hope they at least had flowers on the dashboard. I would be the belle of the ball whipping around that in my truck loving community! i am still hopping around trying to get to everyones blog to say hello. It has been great connecting with everyone and seeing their creations. I am off to your etsy store now! Love how the link with all your goods comes up in the just draws you right in! Julie

  2. Of course there were flowers on the dashboard! Thanks for stopping by.....