Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Awkward Teenager Phase

Thanks to Flora Bowley, I can go ahead and publish these paintings as the "awkward teenager phase".  I am grieving the loss... sort of.... of the pretty, batik-ish paintings I posted a few days ago.  They have long been covered up by many more layers of paint, stains, smears, stamping and drawings.  So, here I post (bravely) one of my many awkward teenagers.....    Here's to developing and growing....  to be continued.......


  1. Oh my gosh...can't believe all those canvases in the previous post!! Good for you being brave and showing your stages. (Nice post title btw- lol) I'm behind on the class, and still only have 2 painting sessions completed. Look forward to doing some work on them tomorrow and Friday though.

  2. Thanks.... I was also behind in the classes and was very determined this past weekend. So, no more white canvases.... lots of questionable, colorful canvases now... The term "awkward adolescent" was Flora's name for this stage. I was relieved when she said that because I was not really happy with what was going on. I'm excited to continue on.....