Thursday, February 16, 2012


I'm so excited to be participating in Flora Bowley's painting class!  It is a sensual, creative journey that was just what I needed.  I love the way she integrates honoring the self, thinking positively, embracing play and honoring intuition along with the creative process.  It makes total sense, doesn't it?

I know for a fact that there is nothing creative or remotely artistic that is coming from my soul when I am obsessing about problems, letting my anxiety get the best of me or feeling down about myself or life.  Honoring yourself is so easy... but it takes practice to change a negative habit of any type.

My intuition is strong and always has been.  When I pay attention to it, I am always headed in the right direction.  Practicing yoga and meditation, exercising, having fun and listening to music daily is the only way to live.  Thanks for a very well timed reminder, Flora!  Let's make some art!

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